One person at a time!

Fighting stereotypes is hard work, especially when they have taken root over many years.  I grew up with a stubborn stereotype about Russian people, thanks mainly to all the Cold War propaganda I was fed during my childhood.  I remember having nightmares as a child about nuclear war.  I remember thinking Russians were the personification … More One person at a time!

It’s just a joke?

The citizenship of heaven will be made up of people from every ethnic and language group on Earth.  God’s kingdom has no place for ethnocentrism, racism, or prejudice. Prejudice simply means to “pre-judge” someone—that is, judging without the benefit of all the facts about him or her, which no human will ever have. Only God … More It’s just a joke?

Prior Value

Ignoring the people around us every day is easy to do. We walk by so many people whom we don’t even see, let alone acknowledge—they just seem like part of the scenery. Can you imagine having this embarrassing conversation with another human being, created in the image of God, when you get to heaven? You: … More Prior Value