Are you coasting?

 Do you have any intentional plans to grow this year?  A few years ago I saw a quote on the preacher’s door at my home church, that said, “If you are not growing, then you are coasting.  And if you are coasting, you’re going downhill” One of the major purposes of the Church is to … More Are you coasting?

The world is here!

Other-focused people are great learners. When I first started teaching at Lincoln Christian University, the name of the department in which I taught was “World Missions.” Missions is a good word, but many see it as having a one-way focus: I am on a mission to tell you something. Much of the mission work done … More The world is here!

It’s just a joke?

The citizenship of heaven will be made up of people from every ethnic and language group on Earth.  God’s kingdom has no place for ethnocentrism, racism, or prejudice. Prejudice simply means to “pre-judge” someone—that is, judging without the benefit of all the facts about him or her, which no human will ever have. Only God … More It’s just a joke?

Generational Walls

Young people can tell whether an older person truly likes them or not. They know instinctively whether they are included as “part of the family” or rather someone who is an outsider or stranger.  Some church leaders who fear change have felt threatened by youth whom they suspect want to “take their position” in leadership. … More Generational Walls

Listen and Learn

Other-focused people are great listeners.  Listeners can be selective, attentive, or empathic. When we listen selectively, we focus only partially on others, hearing only part of what they say—often only the parts we want to hear. When we listen attentively, we pay attention to the other person and probably will remember what he or she … More Listen and Learn

Spiritual Food

Many people go to church each week and snack on the Word of God by listening to a sermon—then go home and put their Bible on a shelf until the next Sunday rolls around. This behavior is why there are so many weak, malnourished Christians walking around today. If you eat once a week, you … More Spiritual Food

“My” Truck

One secret to having contentment is realizing that you don’t actually own your stuff: You are just managing it for God. In America, we grow up with a strong sense of personal ownership of our possessions. If you grew up with siblings, you will remember yelling at your brother or sister, “That is mine!” I … More “My” Truck

Learning from Ants

A friend of mine who leads young people on short-term mission trips, gives a daily challenge each morning to the group.  He tells them, “You will be in God’s classroom for the next twelve hours, now pay attention!”  Before bed each night, he then asks them to share lessons God had taught them during that … More Learning from Ants