It’s just a joke?

The citizenship of heaven will be made up of people from every ethnic and language group on Earth.  God’s kingdom has no place for ethnocentrism, racism, or prejudice. Prejudice simply means to “pre-judge” someone—that is, judging without the benefit of all the facts about him or her, which no human will ever have. Only God … More It’s just a joke?

Carrying Help

After we admit our brokenness and cry out to God about it, we should share our brokenness with others so that they can help us carry the burden. We were not meant to do life alone. Paul told the Galatian Christians to “carry each other’s burdens,” saying that “in this way you will fulfill the … More Carrying Help

Open Closets

Trying to live the truthful life will put you in direct conflict with Satan. Jesus called Satan the “father of lies.”  Jesus said that when Satan speaks, he speaks his native language—lying (John 8:44). Satan is a master deceiver, so we shouldn’t be surprised that he particularly likes convincing us that lying is no big … More Open Closets

Without a Mask

We are called to live truthful lives in the middle of a culture of lies and deception. News today has given way to spin, manipulation of the facts to put politicians, business leaders, and entertainers in the best possible light. But Christians have been warned not to conform to this world (Romans 12:2).  Many people … More Without a Mask

You are a Priest!

Opinions differ about the Roman Catholic practice of confessing to a priest. But I think that Roman Catholics are onto something—confession offers something mysteriously powerful and healing.  I would like to extend the practice of confession to a doctrine called “the priesthood of all believers.” The Apostle Peter told first-century Christians that they were a … More You are a Priest!

A Lying Missionary

  I lived with a specific unconfessed sin for a long time. I committed the sin when I was a green missionary during my first term of service in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I still remember walking away from Ed, a missionary colleague, the day I burned out his circular saw. I thought to … More A Lying Missionary