Choose to focus on what you still have

Looking back on the year 2020, I am trying to reflect on lessons God has been teaching me throughout the pandemic.  Here is what I have so far: 1) All plans are tentative                                                                                              2) Slow down 3) Touch with words We have lost so many things during the pandemic.  All of a sudden we couldn’t … More Choose to focus on what you still have

Touch with words

Looking back on the year 2020, I continue to reflect on lessons learned during the pandemic.  The first two: 1) All plans are tentative 2) Slow down Another lesson has been learning to touch people with words when not allowed to touch them physically.  Having taught at the college level for over twenty-five years, trying … More Touch with words

Slow down!

I continue to reflect on the lessons I sense God was trying to teach me during the 2020 pandemic, one of the early ones was “slow down!”  So many things came to a screeching halt; like attending sporting events, eating out, watching a movie, etc.  All of a sudden our over-booked calendars were cleared of … More Slow down!

Player or Spectator?

I remember someone describing the setting of a basketball game as thousands of people sitting in the stands who desperately need exercise watching ten guys who desperately need rest!  Sometimes this would be a realistic description of the church.  A few people are in the game playing their hardest while others are just watching what … More Player or Spectator?

Spiritual infanticide

It is hard to imagine a baby being left alone to die.  As hard as this is to imagine happening to a physical baby, it happens frequently in churches across America to spiritual babies.  We often leave new believers “on their own” after baptism, expecting them somehow to figure out the Christian life by themselves.  … More Spiritual infanticide

Never-ending nursery

Some churches are full of members who have been Christians for years, but they have never grown up.  They were grumpy when they were baptized and thirty years later, they are still grumpy—they have not grown in joy.  They were greedy when they got baptized and fifty years later—they are still greedy.  What is shocking … More Never-ending nursery

Just getting wet?

When the Apostle Peter preached to the crowds gathered in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, he told them clearly that they had crucified their Messiah—their Lord!  The truth of this hit them very hard and they were “cut to the heart.”  They quickly asked Peter what they … More Just getting wet?

Walking in the Fog

Have you ever felt like you were walking through fog?  Have you ever asked the Lord what in the world is going on, why certain things are happening in your life?  Have you ever prayed sincerely about something only to be left wondering why the Lord was delaying his answer? The story of Jesus raising … More Walking in the Fog