Messy babies!

We are all incredibly self-focused, selfish people, and only through great intentional effort will we become other-focused people. We must be so overwhelmed by the love of God for us that we look for validation only from God. Accepting and believing in God’s great love for us will free us to be other-focused people. We … More Messy babies!

We need more hate!

What do you believe about the Devil?  Perhaps you have fallen into his subtle trap and do not even believe that he exists—or perhaps you think that he exists, but you don’t give his existence much thought. If so, then you are in real danger, for Satan is real, and you are underestimating a powerful … More We need more hate!

Follow me!

I know many who struggle to find their life’s calling.  I have found the following seven questions helpful when it comes to discerning the calling of God: Am I living out my primary calling to God himself? Calling can be a very mysterious concept for some. In a general way, the Bible describes the life … More Follow me!

Take the baton!

When giving your testimony, be careful if you are tempted to leave something out of your story. You never know what element of your story might connect with someone else. Especially don’t leave out the “bad/hard stuff.” When we talk openly about our sin, as well as the times when we have been sinned against, … More Take the baton!

Lawyer vs. Witness

I have been helped by the advice of E. Stanley Jones, a missionary to India who lived during the twentieth century. Something profound happened to him when he preached his very first sermon at his hometown church. He had studied and studied in his sermon preparation, wanting to “argue well for God” when he preached. … More Lawyer vs. Witness