Spiritual Food

potato chip

Many people go to church each week and snack on the Word of God by listening to a sermon—then go home and put their Bible on a shelf until the next Sunday rolls around. This behavior is why there are so many weak, malnourished Christians walking around today. If you eat once a week, you will become sick—perhaps even die. Part of the problem is that many Christians have not been taught how to feed themselves; they are comfortable letting the minister or Sunday school teacher spoon feed them. But eventually, infants must learn to feed themselves. And if baby Christians are to be spiritually healthy, they must learn to feed themselves spiritual food, too. The Word of God is the word of life. How embarrassing it would have been had my 18-year-old daughter never learned to feed herself. Can you imagine me showing up at noon at the university cafeteria to scoop peas into her mouth in front of all the other students? But some people who have been Christians for decades still have not learned to feed themselves spiritually!

The Word of God is good spiritual food that brings long-lasting satisfaction and spiritual health.  Have you ever considered what things last forever? Many things in which we invest a great deal of time and money will not last beyond the grave. Houses, cars, and jobs do not last beyond the grave. Junkyards are full of things that are rotting and rusting away—temporary things. I can think of only three things that last beyond the grave: God, people, and God’s Word. Isaiah 40:8 says, “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of our God stands forever.” Because the Word of God lasts forever, investing significant time and effort in reading and studying it makes good sense for spiritual health.

The first step in becoming spiritually nourished is reading the Bible consistently and daily—having a regular spiritual diet. Sometimes the most powerful ideas are the simplest. One of my doctoral program professors said something that changed my daily habits. He described how he read the Bible first in the morning—before turning on the computer or the television or reading anything else, such as a newspaper. Bible first is a simple, yet a life-changing, principle.  Why don’t you decide right now, this year—2018, to begin every day with a good, spiritually nourishing meal from the Word of God!

 REFLECTIONS: Create a simple, doable Bible reading plan for yourself. Consider writing prayers to God that come directly from your Bible reading.  Put the Bible first—before Facebook, television, radio, or newspaper. Consider limiting your time with social media to make sure that you are being spiritually nourished—feeding daily on the Word of God.

Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.

Matthew 4:4

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